One day I was sitting at one of my favorite cafes in Paris and I saw this girl. I thought she had an interesting face/attitude so when she went outside to smoke a cigarette, I took her notebook and wrote the address of my website inside, and a quick note saying I would like to photograph her. Then I left. She sent me an email a few days later saying "sure". I took these pictures too late (she could not find me on the island, or maybe I did not give the best directions...), and there was not much light anymore. But I am still happy I met her, and with the feel of the images. This helps me remember that in the end, I am taking pictures to meet people. Thanks Louise.
PS: sans Gaen cette rencontre n'aurait jamais ete possible. merci Galou.


Nathalie said...

I LOVE this pic. The feeling it conveys is indeed really intense. I guess it's because the softness of the colors and the blurred background are balanced by the adrogyny of the girl and the checked shirt... so that you actually avoid the girlie cliché.

And "louise" is just adorable.

AAU IP FW08 said...

fantastic. reminds me of being there, as well as the best of cahiers du cinema! that was a bit awkward, but you probably know what i mean. im taking liberties because i hold french film in reverence.


agathe philbé said...

ahah yes I know what you mean ... Paris. Yes she has something very "Nouvelle Vague" ... and the background helps :-)

kimberly said...

The colors are soft and imagse are peaceful especially, the second one. she has a pleasant presence about her.