The first time i came to the US, I was 10. I went to Florida with my family. I saw the Everglades and Miami, and Disneyworld of course. I was desperate when we left; I wanted to stay forever... everything was bigger, crazier, more exciting, more intense. I thought I would never be able to explain it to my friends, back in France. I've been living here for 14 months now; back in Paris in the summer, I -again- felt that my experience here would be difficult to describe to my friends. As an adult this time -how hard it is, how violent sometimes, how intense, how free I've been feeling, also. And sometimes I forget it, sometimes I wish I was back home, sometimes I criticize too much; but my friends, french and american, I admit it: here, if you want something really bad, you can't help but think, and feel, that you can make it. Don't ask me why, I can't really explain it. but this is why i am staying. I'd be back in France if it wasn't for that persistent feeling of concrete hope. I felt it here in SF, and I felt it in NY. It was true before Obama was elected, and it is still true now -but maybe now, it is a little more obvious to the rest of the world. Cool night, last night.

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