Today someone that I was meeting for the first time told me how I was feeling. I was explaining to that guy, who happened to be french too, that I was in the middle of the packing process, about to leave after almost a year and a half in SF. He said, "yes, that's a lot of memories to pack". And it's exactly how I was feeling. Looking back and putting experiences and emotions more or less in order, just like I did with my clothes and books. The "unforgettable" box. The "wasn't that big of a deal" box. The "could only have happened in america" box. The "new friends, people I want to see again" box. The "lessons I've learnt" box... there is so much to pack, and take away with me.
Photography: I love to take pictures with my blackberry. Knowing that the quality will be so bad that they will never be used in any website or on print, makes them free of any kind of pressure. It's all about a special moment I'd like to remember, when I don't carry my camera. The roots of photography, I guess.

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