In the last 2 weeks I have seen many photographs by David Lachapelle and Robert Frank and other photographers in different museums/art galleries in Paris. And then I saw the "Female nude standing in doorway" by Francis Bacon in Beaubourg. After that, I remembered what I think really: photography is not an art. Some photographs are powerful, some express a real sensibility and are esthetically satisfying; and of course a photograph is never a copy of the outside world, since any representation is an interpretation... so it is true that you need real talent to make a beautiful photograph. But you also need the world as a part of the image production process. You can not separate the process and the physical world. When Bacon paints the woman, she exists only in his brain, in his hand, in his muscles tension. And it doesn't matter if she is standing in front of him or not -Bacon as a human being, as flesh witnessing flesh, is the only sensitive film that records light and shapes. Maybe this is why I feel overwhelmed by some paintings with an intensity that no photograph can even imitate. And maybe it doesn't matter at all; but for some reason, I think it does.

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Margo said...

This is so interesting. what is the difference between these palm images and the other one? Only the exposure? If so, its amazing cause it shows how the same subject can be photographed in such a different way. I don't feel peace in these images, I feel much more trapped. They are much more brooding than the white one, like a bad omen. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just the opposite emotion cause it's darker, you know?