Last thursday I photographed Mathieu and I had a very interesting time; he was amazingly patient as I was shooting for one hour and a half, in his place an then outside in the cold. I was supposedly doing him a favor (as he is an actor and needed new shots for his book), but I actually felt privileged to be able to photograph him. Then we went to the library together and I bought "Ma mere" by Georges Bataille (while Mathieu got about 10 books...). For some reason I have been waiting until now to read Bataille. Probably because I was scared to be disappointed, since I was expecting so much from his books -but I've read the novel and I wasn't.
The next day I saw 'Revolutionary Road' by Sam Mendes. There is this sentence in 'Ma mere" that I was thinking about after seeing the movie. And maybe we could think about it everyday?

"Je ne veux rien savoir de ce monde ratissé par ceux dont la patience attend que la mort les éclaire".


greengrassandcloudymornings said...

Agathe, I gotta say... it's sad you are not here. It's sad I haven't had the time to really get to know you, to know how think and so on... I've just looked through your whole blog and I am caught. I love your sensibility and wish you were here to transform me. Try to make me understand that side of living.

- Carmen

agathe philbé said...

thank you so much for this comment Carmen... I miss you, and I am sad I can't travel to SF as I could travel to Barcelona... and I think I will answer better somewhere else //