My friend Eva let me use her Leica camera to shoot a roll of film when we were in Bangkok. I liked it, even though it took me a few shots to even think about the focus, and a few more to need less than several minutes before pressing the shutter button! I guess it's a matter of habits. I have been unpacking my things lately, new beginnings in a new place. And I have to say, keeping hard drives in a safe place is nice, but rediscovering negatives after a long time, touching them and looking at them, has more meaning in the end. So I am glad I shot at least one roll of film in Thailand. Merci Eva!


Andrew Fuller said...

Behold! The power of film! Stoked on #2.

Gaën said...

L'ambiance a l'air super à Bangkok ! Tes photos leica sont super ! Bravo !

Margo said...

yes yes film !!