This is the last part of the "rediscovering old rolls of film" moment (for now). I don't think I'd have proper words to describe my experience in Brooklyn and NYC last summer; maybe the facts alone would be enough. I lived with a family that included 3 kids and 2 black cats; we had trees in the garden; someone gave me a bike; our neighbors were fighting, singing and dancing at night; the water was running on the sidewalks all day long; rats ran between my legs many times; I walked through Manhattan most evenings and nights; I had amazing japanese food and the best sake ever; I crossed the Brooklyn bridge at night on my bike; I saw falling stars while lying on a rooftop in the East Village; I discovered the Satmar community right by my house; I fought with parrots and saw models come and go in an appartment on 5th Avenue; I had a special visit of an exhibit at Gagosian Gallery; I partied at the French Embassy while bubbles where flying over Central Park; I swam in the amazing public pool of my neighborhood; I spent the 4th of July looking at the river with the crowd singing under the rain; Eli told me "I missed you" one sunday when I was coming back from yoga; I met people, learnt, passed out, worked; and the day I left, someone I had seen 3 or 4 times in my life came to my place to give me a hug. So now, sometimes, I want to go back there.


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I remember your time here at home....carinos, Luz y Zoe