JS and I met almost fifteen years ago. We used to hang out almost everyday in highschool; then he left France and settled in the US -East Coast, unfortunately not so close to San Francisco, where I lived for a while. We saw each other five or six times for the following ten years. As teenagers, we would have endless conversations about surfing, school, the future, and what we wanted to do with our lives; my relationship with him has been absolutely effortless since then. I sometimes wonder what it takes to feel that comfortable with someone, no matter how often we get to meet. I have always been ready to accept that our paths might not cross anymore, since people do change while growing up; but that moment never happened.
A few months ago JS and his girlfriend decided to quit their office jobs, sell their belongings, leave their apartment in Boston and start a year-long trip around the world. I am so happy to see that one can be free at 15, and just as free at 27. Have a beautiful journey guys!


Jean-Sebastien said...

Thanks Agathe! I spent a very memorable week with you on the beach, in the dunes and in the forest. Your post put a big smile on my face. I am very grateful for our lasting friendship and I hope it lasts through the times! By the way thanks again for giving me the opportunity to surf "El Suppo"!!!

Agathe P said...

I will always share El Suppo with my friends. Aloha!