I like to photograph boxers/martial arts people; when I do, I want their relationship to their bodies to be more important than their bodies themselves in the image. I want to show what it means to be boxing, to be pushing oneself to do this, for an individual. From what I've seen, I think that what they are looking for -and what they obviously get from it- is a deep balance, a calm and "soft" sort of strength, that makes them confident and open to others. Of course I guess there are exceptions to the rule; but for me, I have always felt privileged when they let me take their pictures.


charlie said...

is this man a boxer or a martial artist? Also, where was this taken? Your known environment or his? I like that the only blurred motion is in his hand. I appreciated your thoughts on the inner strength and confidence that fighting athletes posses. I think you have captured this here. Also, thanks for taking the time to look at, and critique my creede work. Just got back to city today or would have responded earlier. On the whole, I agree that the more abstract the work is, the better it is. I'd like to find a way to introduce the human element in a more original/ self expressive way.

. said...

I love that one, it is less academic than the ones you once posted on your website, however it is just a powerful ... maybe more. And I defninitely agree: it's great that the only blurry element is the hand.