I am back from a 10 days trip to Morocco. There would be a lot to say about that country; so much to describe beyond the obvious beauty of its landscapes. It's been very hard to photograph people there (maybe harder than anywhere else I have been); most of them looked down or managed to hide the second they saw me pulling my camera out. It's been quite a shock to be relatively close from home, and to feel that all my references and codes had vanished. I did not expect to be that "lost" -but I guess it's a good surprise to realize we traveled further away than what we expected.


Cédric Voix said...

Je découvre enfin certaines photos de notre merveilleux périple et me réjouis de voir que même et surtout à travers ton objectif, "ci bo li dizert".

agathe philbé said...

mais bien sur! pas autant que notre polaroid sur la plage mais presque ;-)