Thank you so much CL for letting me use your film camera. It feels so good not to know exactly what I just shot; strangely enough I am more careful with every frame but experiencing more freedom at the same time with it. Maybe it is the way things work in general; coming to terms with constraints and limits (ultimately enjoying them) might be when freedom happens.


Claire-Lise Havet said...

J'ai bien fait de te le préter... ;) il est entre de bonnes mains!

Luz said...

I found the mystery of the unknown frame to be the most intriguing. Never being an owner of certainties. Always waiting in anticipation for the photo to reveal itself to you in a darkroom. The heart beating in captivity and suddenly being released the moment you see your intrigued sense manifested in the photo.

Luz & Zoe

I need a guide said...

inspiring blog.