Summer came this week-end and the islands are packed with people, talking, drinking wine and sunbathing...I suddenly remember that I've been missing it; California feels like another planet.
+ Simone, send me an email :-)


DK said...

Just thought I'd say, you take beautiful pictures.

And I agree with the sentiment: California always seems like another planet to me. (I grew up in Millbrae).



Agathe Philbé said...

thanks for the comment :-)

Anonymous said...

salut:) im so happy to come..merci

Luz said...

Your work as always is breath taking...de verdad. Some of your photography remains me of one of my old professors that I studied with Stephen Shore:


P.S. Jim wants to visit Paris in November 2009 para la luna de miel - surprise!


Luz y Zoe

Agathe Philbé said...

Luz, finally commenting here!!! :-) Thanks a lot for the compliment, I didn't know he was your teacher, that's so cool! PLEASE come to Paris, it would be so great to see you all here! I'll be your guide, just like you when I was in Brooklyn!

Luz said...

Ha....words on the net can be liberating. Yes, Shore was a talent of sorts, pero un dolor al c-lo! I'm brining Zoe too, she's part of the deal, unless my friends from Paris living in Brooklyn can babysit. Yes, we all want to see you and yes, we need a native guide. I could see Jim getting lost already without knowing any other language......que pena.