What is the best thing you did today?
Use my braincells to answer these questions

What is the best thing you'll do tomorrow?
Cook a delicious meal for myself (that's my hidden talent)

What are you responsible for?

Bringing out the best in people I love and treasure

Where/who do you come from?

I'm a child of globalisation

What is style?
People who do not know how to appreciate do not have style. This statement is very ambiguous, understand it as you want

What affects you?

Where are you going?

Hopefully, to heaven.


Joseph A. Thompson (Al) said...

Funny! Just shot with him the other day through Empire Models. I like him, he's great.


Agathe Philbé said...

ah, yeah I guess that was in NY! I know he's been traveling lately... very cool cat indeed! Thanks for visiting -beautiful "editorial" series...