This is Louise holding her glass in Montmartre; the trees close to the river, my window. I keep photographing fragile things (not the tree itslef, but the wind and the sun in it; not the people but a certain moment of youth and energy). And the roots... like mine, in the water. In the last few days I had a cold and was feeling quite good except for my voice that faded and broke. It was good to be fully aware of it everytime I spoke, quite a lesson.


Marie said...

Je suis triste de ne jamais me retrouver sur ce blog, mais il y a au moins les choses que j' t'offre! c'est déjà pas mal :) Bisous l'artiste

Cedric said...

et moi, il n'y a même pas les choses que je t'offre comme des brots de mille morceaux, tu n'as pas honte agathe, d'être aussi égoïste ??? ;)