I met Adel at the Parsons Show a couple of weeks ago. I noticed him quickly and asked him if he would want to shoot with me someday. We went to Montmartre to work (I decided to get away from the river for once). Adel's mother is from Russia and his father is Syrian; he grew up in Dubai, and is now studying in Paris. That says a lot about him and nothing at the same time; Adel is (truely) easygoing, honest, and patient.
Also, last week some of my images were featured in the Mood Wrestling blog, which made me happy and proud. I like the project ("free photography") and the images there; thank you Charles!


Gaën said...

c'est incroyable comme il se détache. On dirait presque qu'il a été découpé puis collé.
Je ne sais pas ce que représente Mood Wrestling mais bravo tu le mérites !

fashionchronicles said...

He has an amazing face, and amzing hair and looks so cute. Love his shoes, socks, tee, shirt and sweater!
lovely blog.