I "found" Marie in the metro a few weeks ago. As she was talking on the phone when she got out of the train, I just held my card out to her and ran back inside just before the doors closed. (Of course I added the little "let me photograph you please" note on it). I was lucky since she texted me the same day. She made me realize again how unique the moments I share with the people who decide to trust me are. Where and when could I talk and listen to, walk around, observe total strangers, trying to make them feel comfortable, sometimes directing them at some point, for one hour or two, if it wasn't for these photo sessions? I always wonder if they know how honored I feel, and shy, and how much I want them to recognize themselves in the final images -whatever that means. I've decided to ask a few questions to the people I meet in the street and post their answers here now.

What is the best thing you did today?
Having the best hug ever, a meaningful one, beautiful and sad, strong and tender.

What is the best thing you'll do tomorrow?

I don't know what tomorrow will be... and whatever will be, will be... I just hope life will be nice and bright for me and let me follow the path I'd like to follow so bad.

What are you responsible for?
I'd like to be responsible for my planet, but I'm not sure I can do that alone... I think I'm really responsible for the people who are part of my life, responsible for their happiness and joy.

Where/who do you come from?
I've got a very strange family, and my origins are kind of blurred. So I come from nowhere, I just know who are my parents and grandparents and I'm pretty happy with that. I know I come from a mix of cultures... Gipsies, vikings, people who like to travel the world...

What is style?
Style is appearence... But mostly I think it's feeling at ease with oneself. Sometimes I feel stylish with sportswear and trainers, sometimes I have to wear high heels and a little dress... I feel stylish when my appearence fits my mood; it's a question of mood and knowing how to express it.

What affects you?

People, arts and movies.

Where are you going?
Honestly, I don't know exactly... I know who I am and who I would like to be, but I really don't know where I am going... Sometimes the horizon seems very bright and light, sometimes it's much darker. I think that's what life is, a perpetual surprise... "And after all, tomorrow is another day..."


Taylor said...

I love seeing your work! It is truly inspiring. Great that you are able to connect with people the way you do personally, even though they are strangers. And my you are lucky to live in Paris! I will be there in September. Perhaps you will 'find' me in the metro... ;-)


ps. SF misses you.....

Gaën said...

Oh la vue de mon balcon! On aperçoit le rideau rouge du voyeur, et probablement lui même, si on zoom. Je reconnais bien là les cieux orageux de Paname. Très jolie photo. Par ailleurs, Marie est très belle je trouve.

Agathe Philbé said...

ahah oui le rideau rouge du péché, rue Monge... j'en frissonne encore.

Agathe Philbé said...

thanks a lot Taylor!! This blog is a cool way to keep in touch with AAU people! And if you want me to show you around in september, get in touch -letting the metro do the work is risky ;-)